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    Sherelle Johnson

    Messaging Strategist & Coach

    Who am I?

    Hey! I'm Sherelle Johnson, messaging strategist & coach with a Masters in Marriage & Family Therapy. I first created the New Year Ritual in 2014 as a personal gift to friends, and have been refining & sharing it with the community ever since.

    It's helped people get the clarity they needed to get new career opportunities, start businesses, launch offers, and build the lives they want to live, and it's my gift to you.

    What will you get?

    • FREE PDF download to print & share with friends
    • Simple guided prompts to help you reflect and wrap up 2022
    • Guided prompts to build the vision and roadmap for 2023 with room for fun and self-care
    • Bonus Planning Sheets so that you can deep-dive into your highest impact goals and kick ass for Q1